Patti Waggin Dog & Pet Grooming Spring Hill, Florida

Your pets are groomed in my state of the art “green” mobile van, it runs off of batteries & inverters, not a generator: no fumes to harm your pet, also quieter & no vibrations to scare or stress them out. It is air-conditioned for safety & comfort.

Services include bath with hydrosurge unit that not only aids in getting pets clean, also provides a hydro-massage, beneficial especially for older arthritic pets. They are then hand dried with a Kooldry dryer, so no chance of overheating ever. Hair cuts & deshedding treatments are done with Clippervac system that vacuums up the hair as it is removed from pet keeping air & environment cleaner, pets aren’t breathing in flying hair. The air drawn over the clipper blades keeps them cooler, reducing risk of clipper burn.